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Authorization Widget
Using Authorization widget you can easily provide users with the possibility to be authorized on your resource. Before authorization, users can view their photos and photos of their friends who are already authorized.

Widget supports two types of authorization:
  • standard user will be redirected to URL specified inauthUrlparameter with the following fields:uid, first_name, last_name, photo, photo_rec, hash.
  • dynamic after authorization, onAuth function will be called with the data object containinguid, first_name, last_name, photo, photo_rec, session, hash fields. User will also be authorized in openApi.

To check authorization you can use the receivedhash parameter and compare it to md5signature ofapp_id+user_id+secret_key, e.g. md5(194253766748fTanppCrNSeuYPbA4ENCo).

Widget can also be used together with otherwidgetsandOpen API.
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