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Starting Work Android
More than 40 million active VK users prefer using Android each month.

You can create a completely new product or add options to already existing VK apps to increase user activity.

SDK will help integrate the VK API for the Android app.
  • Learning API if you have never worked before with the VK API, we recommend you learn about its usage principles.
  • Android SDK the manual for using the Android SDK for the VK API.
SDK Possibilities
Authorization through the official VK app
It is recommended that users work with their existing accounts. This is much easier than filling out a registration form as all the necessary data is available through VK profiles.

Publishing content
Achieve the possibility of sharing interesting events, photos and videos with your VK friends while ensuring your product wont be left unnoticed.

Access social graphs
Work with your clients connections and preferences. By analyzing the list of friends and communities, you can approximate each users individual needs.
What else?
Audio, video, community administration, newsfeed, messaging practically everything that is available in the full version of VK can be accessed through our API by using SDK

The full Android SDK documentation is available on this page.

The application for online purchases. Aliexpress is the largest online supermarket which offers millions of products capable of being delivered around the world.

Authorization of this app is possible through VK.