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Bots Long Poll API and PHP SDK

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Bots Long Poll API

Bots Long Poll API is a new approach to working with events in your community which supports the same rich set of events as Callback API. But unlike Callback API, with Bots Long Poll API outputs are delayed on our end and can be collected using Long Poll queries. Simply put, these are all Callback API events that can be obtained like a usual Long Poll for messages.

Bots Long Poll API can be enabled in community settings. We recommend reading the complete technical guide before you begin.


Without further ado. The highly-anticipated, long-awaited official library for working with the VK API using yours and our favorite programming language. ;)

This SDK supports authorization via Implicit and Authorization Code Flow schemes, all work requiring API methods, as well as Callback API and Long Poll events. The technical guide is waiting for you here.

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