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What is it?
Its a block that displays products and services in your VK community.

Products block on the communitys main page

Existing internet stores can attract new customers using this service. For those just starting out, this is a great way to start selling without having to spend money on creating a website.
How does it work?
You just create a product in your community and add photos, prices and a detailed description. Use collections to organize your products by category so that customers can quickly figure out what you have to offer.

In the Products section, you can search by name and price

You can upload up to four additional images to each product. Detailed photos taken from various angles can help users decide what they want to get.

Product card: useful info can be added here

The Contact seller button in the product card opens a chat with the community or a specific community manager. A link to the product that the user was interested in will be attached to the message.

In the services settings (ManageSectionsProducts) you can set the stores currency, delivery regions and contact information. Be sure to fill out the Store description wiki page so that users can read about payment and delivery conditions before making a purchase.

Payment and delivery methods are up to you.

Payment and delivery methods are up to you.
You can now organize product delivery with Boxberry and CDEK right in your VK community. This is convenient for both businesses and customers and helps sell more products at a faster rate.

Enabling delivery
To start, make sure that you have Market 2.0 enabled in your community settings.

Click ManageSettingsSections. Enable the Products section. If you want to use delivery, you should choose the Advanced mode.

Click Show settingsDelivery. You can also access the stores settings through the communitys main page.
Click Enabled for Boxberry and CDEK.

Both CDEK and Boxberry calculate the cost of shipping based on a products dimensions and weight. You can enter these parameters in advance in the product card. This way, the price quoted for the customer will be exact. The weight and dimensions can also be added when an order is received.
Entering product qualities
Aside from the weight and dimensions, you can add additional information about the products colors, materials, sizes, etc.
Checking incoming orders
Carefully check all of the information. If needed, you can add an orders weight and dimensions if you hadnt added them previously. The cost of delivery will be calculated automatically.

You can get in touch with your customer and sort out order details in the same window.
Enable community messages to reply to customers. You can write to them as the community right after they order from you.
Agreeing on payment
In community messages, you can agree with your customer on a payment method. You can suggest that they transfer you money on VK. To do so, the client wont need to enter your card info and you can decide for yourself where you want the money to be added to.

Note: customers pay for delivery. It will already be included in the cost of the order if you entered the weight and dimensions of the product. If you havent added this information. the client will see the message For the cost, contact the seller.

Shipping via CDEK is calculated according to their Express-Light rate. You can read more about this rate here. Shipping via Boxberry is calculated according to a special rate for VK stores.
Shipping orders
After receiving an order in which either CDEK or Boxberry has been chosen as a delivery method, you need to make sure that the cost has been calculated.

If you wrote the products dimensions earlier, then the order will come to you with an already fixed shipping cost.

If you still havent done so, go to the order card and enter the dimensions and weight in the designated fields and well calculate everything automatically.

What to do next:
  • Accept payment through a method convenient to the customer.
  • Take your order to the nearest delivery service point or call a courier to pick up the package.
  • The service will give you a tracking number that theyve attached to your shipment.

You can find the nearest delivery points here: Boxberry and CDEK. Both companies work with natural persons and legal entities.
Adding tracking numbers
Add the tracking number into the corresponding field. This will make it easier for the user to track their package with just one click right from the Orders section.

''Note''': dont forget to change the order status to Shipped. This will send the user a notification, letting them know that their purchase is en route.
Market API
With the API, the process of working with products and orders can be automated. Apply ready-to-use methods for importing products from an external database or create your own. Its easy!

You can read more about VK API methods for working with products in communities in our technical documentation.