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VK Partner Model for Payment Acceptance in Applications
According to the Rules for Application Placement all transactions between users and applications shall use VK internal virtual currency votes.

For end-users, 1 vote may cost between 6.9 and 10 rubles depending on payment method. After service providers and electronic payment systems write off their commission fees, VK gets average 6.4 rubles per vote purchased by a user.

In: 1 vote = 6.4 rubles

Each time user pays a certain service in an application, his/her account is charged with 100% of votes the user added.
Payments for Votes via VK
VK shares the votes obtained via applications with developers as 55/45.
It means that when a developer concludes an agreement with VK it receives 3.6 rubles per vote, the rest 2.8 rubles are kept to support VK infrastructure. With that, all parties shall pay taxes, if their parts are taxable.

Out: 1 vote = 3.6 rubles incl. VAT

Agreement can be concluded at developer account.
Cooperation via AppsCentrum
In order to get payments for less than 30 000 votes per month an aggregation system AppsCentrum ( can be used.

Please, take a note, that all operations through AppsCentrum are not available for applications which have an agreement with VK concluded.
Vote Resale to Third Parties
We earnestly ask developers not to use votes by other means when VK does not receive its part required for infrastructure development. 90% of all gained funds VK invests in building of channels and data centers that facilitate increase of user base and implementation of new capabilities for developers.

For this reason, and also in order to keep equal conditions for all developers, when you try to sell votes on black market we will have to block not only your accounts but also whole groups of applications published by you.