How do I get a check mark next to my name and what does it mean? Verified account

Verification makes it easier for people to find real celebrities in a world of fakes. We use the check mark badge to verify the pages of well-known actors, musicians, politicians, influencers and other famous people. The badge is a way to verify popularity, not to gain it.

We look at the following factors when determining whether to verify an account:

The persons popularity on other websites
Attention to the person in the mass media
Wiki articles

For more more information see (for now only available in Russian).

Regular people dont need to be verified and we also dont consider local celebrities since their popularity isnt widespread. Usually people with verified pages are easily recognized by the mass majority. If this isnt you, chances are you dont need to be verified.

If you have noticed fakes of your account, send us links to them and well see what we can do. We are pretty sure verification wont be needed to deal with them.
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