How do I share a post?

To share a post with friends or community members, click the arrow icon.

You can share a post in the following ways:

  • On your wall
  • In a community you manage
  • In a story
  • In a private message. To select a chat, start typing its name or the recipients name in the input field.

Whichever way you choose (except in a story), you can add your own comment that will be shared along with the post.

If the "On my wall" and "In my community" options aren't available, this might mean that:
  • The post is hidden by privacy settings (it has a lock icon) or it's in a closed community
  • Its a community post that was added by a user, not the community
These posts cant be shared in communities or on your wall.
Your search for returned no results.
Try using other keywords, e.g.: "delete profile", "create chat".
Check your request for misprints.