Ive been scammed! How to fight against scammers

​​VK is a giant platform which includes, among other things, commercial representatives. We have posted the Terms of Use, but we cannot physically verify the trustworthiness of all sellers. We do not have access to payment and game systems or things sent by mail. We do not have the tools to confirm or refute its timely delivery or the products quality. To find out more about such situations and what you should do when you encounter them, read here: vk.com/wall-22884714_36909 (for now only available in Russian).

​​If something irreparable happened, contact law enforcement officials immediately. You can fill out a report in person at the local police station or on the MVD site: mvd.ru/request_main. If you do not live in Russia, you can contact your local law enforcement officials in the country in which you live. We have experience in dealing with international affairs.
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