VK Calls

Now you can call your friends and family on VK. Calls are available on the latest versions of the VK app for iOS and Android as well as on VK Messenger.

To make a call, open a users profile or a chat with them and use the phone icon. You can turn on the speakerphone or continue the call in the background while you use the apps other functions.

Group calls in chats are available on the VK app for iOS and Android and on the desktop version of the website. You can create a call for selected participants or start one that any of the chats members can join.
To join a call, chat members can use the Join button in the chat. A call can have up to eight participants.

There can only be one active call in a chat. If theres a call in progress, this will be indicated on the chat photo in the Messages section and at the top of the chat.
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