As of now, creators of unique content have one less problem to deal with. Starting from June 1st, new algorithms are operating to help original content appear in the Suggestions section more frequently and receive deserved increased reach on the website. The system works in a way that ensures repeated publications are reviewed by a moderation team. If a report is deemed justified, we punish the rule breakers.

For community managers, we have a few recommendations. First of all, be sure to post original content that was personally created by you. If the community's specifics dont allow you to be creative at all levels (for example, your community is about a TV show or another piece of art not of your making), try to work with the source material. It can be your own comment regarding a famous meme, a particular combination of picture and song or text and video, and so on. If you add your own special take to the original content, the system will have no claim to such material.

Nemesis was created mainly to support content creators, who we want to find fans quicker, as well as for aggregators of non-original content to gradually transition to creating their own. We believe that experience will help managers of, let us say, quotation communities to take a look at their work from another angle.

You can read about the algorithm on our blog at
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