Why isnt background listening to music available on mobile devices?

In accordance with the terms of contracts reached with leading music studios in October 2017, free background listening to music on VK mobile apps will be limited to 30 minutes a day.

This is only about background listening. When the app is open, there are no limitations. Subscribers to the BOOM app (Android: vk.cc/6zIJb5, iOS: vk.cc/6F3ezq) are not affected by these limitations.

In order to get rid of these limitations, you can sign up for a monthly subscription: vk.com/page-147845620_52070784. The subscription costs 149 rubles a month. Not only is listening not limited on both mobile and stationary devices, but there are no ads in between songs on all devices. The BOOM app allows you to enjoy any song offline. You cannot pay for the subscription with votes.

Here is an additional article which will probably answer any questions you still have: vk.com/page-22822305_55004497 (for now only available in Russian).
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