Appealing strikes

Before asking a question about strikes, please read about the systems basic principles. This article answers the most frequently asked questions.

Ive already deleted the post. Could you remove the strike early?
If you have already received a strike, deleting the post will not affect the situation. The deleted post already got a certain amount of views, likes and reposts. In essence, it did what it was supposed to do.

I got this picture from an external website. Ive never heard about this community before.
This also doesnt change anything. Nemesis is a system that encourages original content on the site. This means that the community that posted this content first is considered to be the primary source within VK, regardless of whether theyre the actual creator of this content.

The picture is the same, but I added my own text to it, such as "Join".
Unfortunately, adding a couple of words to a picture is not considered content processing. The post itself should be a result of your hard work. Thus, a unique combination of photo and audio, text and a GIF would protect you from Nemesis wrath. The important thing here is to put a part of yourself into your post.

I just got another strike. What happens if I get more? Will my community be blocked?
Strikes come into effect after two days and are completely gone seven days after that. Nemesis doesn't have a hidden counting system. If you put effort and time in your content, its unlikely your community will face any new threats.

Be aware that you wont be able to get away with just editing your post. We are always able to verify the original.

If you have any other questions, wed be happy to answer them.
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