I have an artist overview, but theres no Go to artist button on the community. How do I get it?

You can link the community to the artist overview by contacting Support (vk.com/help) as long as the following requirements have been met:

1. The communitys name should be the same as the name or the pseudonym of the artist or band.

2. The owner/creator of the community should be the artist or their official representative.
We cant link a community managed by a third party to the artist overview. Its important to make sure the community is managed by an official representative. More information about community management rights can be found here: vk.com/wall-59800369_55858 (for now only available in Russian).

3. Every community manager should enable 2-step verification.

It will protect the managers accounts and the communitys posts. Instructions for enabling this function can be found here: vk.com/page-59800369_53735144 (for now only available in Russian).


1. The community needs to be updated regularly so users can get the latest news about their favorite artist.
2. The number of logos, links or references to other messengers and social networks should be minimized.

If these requirements arent fulfilled, the community will be unlinked from the artist overview.
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