How do I add a photo to my artist overview?

You can attach images that meet the following requirements:


1510x344px Desktop version
1440x730px Mobile applications

The artists name and the Play button are automatically placed over the photo. Make sure these elements fit the image well.


The photo can be either color or black and white.


jpg, png

The following types of images cant be used as artist covers:

1. Singles or albums covers

2. Painted images. Virtual artists who dont and are unable to have a photo (e.g. Gorillaz) would be considered an exception.

3. Scanned images

4. Small photos which have been upscaled

5. Fuzzy or blurred images

6. Photos with logos (including the artists logos), text or ads

7. Photos with borders or any other types of decor

8. Photos portraying nudity or obscene gestures

9. Photos portraying alcohol, narcotics or tobacco products

10. Photos containing profanity

If the photos dont meet the requirements, we may reject them.
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