New Bookmarks

Weve updated the Bookmarks section. It looks and works the different way and can now be accessed here:

Liked posts used to be automatically added to bookmarks. Now they are two different functions. All the posts you liked previously are now shown in the Liked section ( Liked photos are also there.

For other types of content, use the Cave to Bookmarks button. You can do that with:

- posts
- articles
- videos
- links
- podcasts
- products

To make the post appear in the Bookmarks, you need to click on the star icon or select Save to Bookmarks in the three dots menu (depends on the device).

Profiles and communities are displayed in the separate block. If you click on it, youll see two subsections for them.

One of the major updates is tags which you can use to organize bookmarked content.

Profiles that are blocked or deleted forever are now hidden from the Bookmarks, as well as communities that became closed if you werent a member in them. Deleted products and articles that are hidden due to privacy settings are also removed from this section.

You cant add a closed community if you arent a member.
Your search for returned no results.
Try using other keywords, e.g.: "delete profile", "create chat".
Check your request for misprints.