What is Lovina?

Lovina is a dating app developed by the VK Team. It can be used even without a VK account, but the registration form will be filled in automatically if you log in through VK.
Right now Lovina is being tested, but it will be launched soon. Find the latest news about the app here: vk.com/lovina.

If you register in the app before its official launch, you can take advantage of our special offer and get a free premium account for one month. The account with several additional features will be activated the day Lovina is launched.

To register, send a message to the official communitys chatbot and answer a few questions. Based on your answers, a profile will be created for you that other users can see. The bot will then prompt you to preorder the app in the App Store or on Google Play. Don't forget to tap the "Preordered" ( ) button when everything is ready, or you might not get a premium account.

The app will be available for iOS and Android.
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