How do I recover my password with the help of trusted friends?

If youve lost access to an account for which
2-step verification is enabled, you can try recovering access with the help of your friends. To do so, use this form.

The option is available if the following conditions are met:
  • Your profile isnt blocked
  • You have access to the phone number thats linked to your account
  • Theres no email address linked to your account
  • You know which last name is indicated in your profile
  • You have five friends that can be designated as trusted.

If all the conditions have been met, youll see a prompt to recover access through your friends. The friends you selected will receive 6-character codes that they must pass on to you. Enter these codes in any order. Youll be able to see how many codes have already been entered and how many are left.

If you cant recover access this way, youll need to confirm your identity or try again later.
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