What are Concerts?
The Music section has a block with concert schedules. This is an experiment by VK and the Radario event organization platform. Here, you can find out when your favorite artists are performing and buy tickets.

How do I find concert schedules?
Upcoming concerts are shown in an artists overview with their tracks. The Recommended section shows when your favorite artists are coming to your city.

Why are these particular artists in my recommendations?
These recommendations are generated by algorithms. Theyre based on your musical preferences and city to let you know when the artists you listen to will be performing at venues near you.

Why aren't there any concerts shown in my city?
This is a test launch. Since not all musicians are participating in the experiment, its possible that our algorithms cant find events of interest that are near you. However, over time, youll start finding more and more concerts in your recommendations.

Why arent there any concerts in my favorite artists overview?
Currently, the concert schedule block is working in test mode, so not all artists have it. When the experiment is over, this new feature will be rolled out to a broader audience.

How do I see a schedule of all concerts in my city?
Its not yet possible to see all events in one city, its something that isnt included in the experiment.

How do I see all events for a certain date?
Its not yet possible to see the schedule of all concerts for a particular date. However, in artist overviews you can find out about upcoming performances, events are sorted by the nearest date.

How do I add my concert and appear in users recommendations?
This is a test launch, so for now its not possible to add new events. When the experiment is over, you can contact our colleagues from Radario and discuss the conditions for collaboration.

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