Money requests in group chats

Money requests in group chats are a convenient way to organize joint leisure activities. Anyone who’s part of the chat can make a money request, and several such requests can be active in a conversation at a time.

The person requesting money can enter a certain amount, which will then be divided among all group chat members. Next, the system will recommend a transfer amount to each member, but both the person requesting and the people contributing can determine the amount themselves. The transfer is automatically closed when the requested sum is collected.

It’s also possible to make a request without determining an amount limit.

When creating a request, you can link a payment card you want to receive the funds on. It can be one that you’ve received money on before or a new one.

The author of the money transfer request will be automatically asked whether they want to pin the request message in the chat. A progress bar marking the amount collected will be displayed below the group chat’s name.
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