What is Prometheus and how can I get the fire badge?

Prometheus is an artificial intelligence, developed using machine learning technology and neural networks. We have developed it to seek out and support interesting authors. The system is constantly finding creators of unique content and observes their accomplishments. Talented users and interesting communities get a special badge in the shape of a flame as well as wider reach.

The mobile app’s Recommendations service shows an author’s posts to others that are not yet familiar with their works but might be interested in them.

The fire badge is given for 7 days, which is also the amount of time the users and communities benefit from enhanced reach. This badge can be received more than once. Authors who continue to create and fascinate their audience can be honored by Prometheus again.

{{Hider|How can I get the badge?
Create unique content and post it on our site
This doesn’t mean that all of your materials need to be unique. If an artist posts their own work while at the same time publishing the works of an illustrator that inspires them, Prometheus will still honor them. But if a community’s posts only consist of links to other websites, the mechanism won’t be able to determine if their content is unique or not. You can read more about Prometheus here.

If you follow this advice, but you don’t get the badge, don’t get discouraged. It doesn’t mean that your works now and in the future won’t be recognized. Prometheus can’t find and share all of the authors’ interesting content at once, and the system is constantly learning and perfecting itself. You can also read about how to protect source material.

You can find the most interesting content found by Prometheus in our community: vk.com/authors. The app has the best pages marked with the fire of Prometheus over the last 4 weeks. You can also read more about Prometheus here: vk.com/blog/creators and Prometheus (for now only available in Russian).
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