Stories are a way to share photos and short videos with friends on VK without posting them on your page.

Stories are available on the desktop version of the website and on the latest versions of the VK app for Android ( and iOS (

Community news at the top of the news feed are grouped separately. As of 21 November 2019, stories are available to all communities without exception.

You can take pictures or record videos (15 seconds or less). You can add graffiti, stickers and text, talk about what youĺre doing right now and send holiday wishes to others. Your stories will be visible to friends and followers in the Stories block above the news feed for 24 hours after you publish it. On the VK app for iOS and Android, you can leave likes on stories.

Stories can be published both for your friends and followers as well as for individual friends. In this case, those stories will only be available to the friend you sent it to.

You can learn more about this function in the Android and iOS mobile apps here:
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