What are friend lists for?

Separate lists are meant to help you navigate through your friends better. Some lists come premade: “Best friends”, “Family”, “Colleagues”, “University friends” and “School friends”. Users that visit your page will be able to see these lists.

You can create your own friend lists, which are only visible to you. Such lists can be managed in your privacy settings here: vk.com/settings?act=privacy. You can also manage them when editing photo album and video privacy settings.

To make a private friend list, go to the Friends section and click Friend lists to the right → Create new list. Come up with a name for your list, and then select people from your main friend list to put into your new one.

Deleting a list you’ve created is easy. In the Friends section, chose a list from the column to the right. When it opens, click Delete in the upper right corner.
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