How do Bookmarks work?

The Bookmarks section can be found here. You can add to it the following:

  • users
  • communities
  • posts
  • articles
  • links
  • podcasts
  • videos
  • clips
  • narratives
  • products

To add content to Bookmarks, select Add to Bookmarks in the menu (in some cases, you may need to click the star icon).

Assign tags to bookmarks to separate them into groups, for example: Movies, Life hacks, Watch later. You can have no more than 20 tags in total.

Accounts of blocked or permanently deleted users, as well as communities you're not a member of that have been closed, are automatically hidden from Bookmarks. Removed products and articles whose privacy settings have been changed to exclude you will also no longer be available.

Only you can see your bookmarks. It's not possible to find out who has added your profile to their bookmarks.

You can learn more about the Bookmarks section in our blog.
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