How can I return to a group chat if I've left it and cleared the message history?

If you were in a chat but you decided to leave it and now you cant return, you can do so using a chat invitation link.
Only the creator of a group chat can create an invitation link. This can be done on the desktop and mobile version of the website and on the VK app for iOS and Android.
On the desktop version, as the chat creator, open the chat and click on its photo. In the window that opens, select Invitation link and send the link to the person who wants to return.
On the mobile version, open the chat, tap the checkmark next to its name and select Invitation link.
On the VK app for iOS and Android, open the chat and tap the chat photo. In the settings window that opens, select Invitation link.

Anyone can join a group chat using an invitation link, but if someone was removed from a chat, not even a link will allow them to return.

Links can be created on the desktop and mobile versions of the website and on the VK apps for iOS and Android and they can be used on any device.

Right now, the maximum number of group chat members is 500. If the chat is full, former members wont be able to rejoin.

You can find a chat by searching for its name using the search box in Messages. This works with any name the chat had when you were a member.

Important! If you cleared your message history, you cant get it back, its just impossible. However, you can ask other members of the chat to forward you the messages, if they still have them.
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