Ad analysis and statistics

Statistics export
You may download your VKontakte advertising statistics in the Statistics Export section. The data may be downloaded as a file or compiled in a convenient format.

Specify the criteria to retrieve the data that you want to receive.

  • All advertisements the general statistics for advertisements will be exported (impressions, transitions, etc.).
  • Records in communities detailed data on advertising records will be exported. Statistics can be obtained for the whole period only.

Type of reporting
  • Effectiveness of advertisement quantity and quality indicators of advertising from the advertisement page will be downloaded.
  • Demographic data demographic and geographic aspects of the advertisement audience will be exported.

Reporting period
Statistics for a selected period is exported: by days, by months or for the whole period.

Summing up
By summing up, you can choose how to export statistics: for the entire advertising account or separately for each advertising campaign.

Display format
The parameter allows you to specify the format of downloading the statistics Excel, CSV (standard or multilingual) or web interface.

Start/end statistics date
The period for which the statistics will be downloaded.
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