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Edits current profile info.
This method can be called with a user token received in Standalone-app via Implicit Flow.
first_nameUser first name.
last_nameUser last name.
maiden_nameUser maiden name (female only).
screen_nameUser screen name.
cancel_request_idID of the name change request to be canceled. If this paremeter is sent, all the others are ignored.
positive number
sexUser sex. Possible values:
  • 1 female;
  • 2 male.
positive number
relationUser relationship status. Possible values:
  • 1 single;
  • 2 in a relationship;
  • 3 engaged;
  • 4 married;
  • 5 it's complicated;
  • 6 actively searching;
  • 7 in love;
  • 8 in a civil union;
  • 0 not specified.
positive number
relation_partner_idID of the relationship partner.
positive number
bdateUser birth date, format: DD.MM.YYYY.
bdate_visibilityBirth date visibility. Returned values:
  • 1 show birth date;
  • 2 show only month and day;
  • 0 hide birth date.
positive number
home_townUser home town.
country_idUser country.
positive number
city_idUser city.
positive number
statusStatus text.
Returns an object containing following fields:
  • changed (integer, [0,1]) returns 1 if the information is saved, 0 if no fields were saved.
If there were user's first or last name in the parameters, there will be a name_request field an object containing following fields:
  • id (integer) request id, required to cancel it (only if status = processing). To cancel a request, you must call the account.saveProfileInfo method with the cancel_request_id parameter;
  • status (string) request status. Returned values:
    • success the request is successfully accepted;
    • processing the request is processing;
    • declined the request was declined;
    • was_accepted there was a successful request recently, new request can't be sent before the date from the repeat_date field;
    • was_declined there was an unsuccessful request recently, new request can't be sent before the date from the repeat_date field;
  • first name (string) first name from the request;
  • last_name (string) last name from the request.
1260Invalid screen name
Global errors can occur while running. See their descriptions on this page.
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messages.getHistoryAttachments method returns message_id field. User object has a new value of relationship status (8 "in a civil union").
If name changing completed successful name_request field returns status = success.
Affects methods account.saveProfileInfo