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Application Moderation Requirements
Creating a VK application provides access to interact with millions of people. The most important thing for us is to not betray their trust and expectations, therefore we only want to offer the most reliable and elaborate applications. Furthermore, we feel that our maintaining the same high quality for all applications is owed to developers who have put a lot of time and effort into their products.

We follow a common set of rules during the moderation process. However, some of them only make sense for one platform. For example, “application, published on” implies that an application is available for users on the main version of the VK website. “Application, published on the mobile html5-catalog Direct Games” is an application that is available for users in the gaming section of the mobile version of the VK website ( and on the official VK mobile applications.
Before sending a request
Before sending a request for moderation, make sure you have:
  • Set your application to “Enabled and visible for all” in the settings;
  • Tested your application and are certain that it performs well without any errors, crashes, long loading screens or business logic and interface bugs;
  • Set the application’s backend to production mode so that external users (including the catalog editors) are able to fully experience it;
  • Filled out all the information about the application, and have come up with a full and concise name that doesn’t include any genres, tags or other descriptive features, selected an appropriate category and uploaded all the media-files: covers, screenshots, videos;
  • Made sure the game you are planning to publish on the iOS Direct Games platform meets the App Store Review Guidelines requirements.
1. Security and application content
1.1 The application content must not be offensive, defamatory, cruel or intended to cause disgust or put any individual or any group of people in danger;
1.2 Any gender, religious, race, faith or social discrimination is strictly prohibited;
1.3 It is forbidden to use any realistic images displaying human violence, animal abuse, erotic, pornographic, offensive content or any form of explicit language;
1.4 Erotic or esoteric (including divination) applications are prohibited;
1.5 The application can be denied if its purpose goes against generally recognized ethical standards or moral principles;
1.6 The application must be unique. If the catalog already has a similar themed or functioning application (chat, radio, cinema, simple tests, etc.), your application can be denied;
1.7 The application cannot be aimed at small groups of users or offer a compilation of texts or images without any additional functionality.
2. Purchases, subscriptions, voice functionality
2.1 All the purchases of virtual items and services in applications published on and mobile html5-catalog Direct Games must be made with VK votes. It is prohibited to accept any other payment method, including third-party services.
2.2 In all applications published on and the mobile html5-catalog it is forbidden to transfer VK votes or VK gifts to users. If this rule is violated, the application completely loses our trust and will be banned from accepting VK votes from users and being published on the catalog. The only admissible case is the complete refund of votes to the user.
2.3 It is prohibited to restrict the main application functionality and gameplay to users that refuse to make any payments. If the game business model is subscription based, the player must be offered a free trial period.
3. Functionality and design
3.1 The application language must be Russian;
3.2 The application is required to contain rules and a tutorial for users to learn how to use it. Some simple games (for example, hypercasual genre) are permitted to lack a tutorial, however, in that case, the controls should be easily understood.
3.3 The application must not be a “placeholder” that doesn’t provide any functionality;
3.4 The application must be visually pleasing, all elements designed with the same style. The application may be denied if its interface is overly complex, underdeveloped and/or made without any attention to detail.
3.5 All the types of the application’s uploaded covers must look similar, small differences in detail are allowed;
3.6 Access to all of the application’s functionalities must be provided without the necessity to leave VK’s website or mobile application;
3.7 It is forbidden to restrict the application’s functionality to users who refuse to make additional actions like sending invites, publishing posts on their wall, receiving notifications, joining a community, etc.
3.8 Any progress-blocking mechanics like health points, energy or anything similar must restore automatically after certain periods of time if the user has spent all of them. After the initial installation, the user must have full health points or energy that is required to start playing the game.
3.9 It is prohibited to encourage users to advertise the game by spamming: mass messaging, tagging friends in posts, etc.
3.10 The application, published on and the mobile html5-catalog Direct Games must not contain user registration or authorization through the third-party services. It is prohibited to request the user’s email, password, phone number, passport details or any other personal information.
3.11 The application, published on is required to work properly with the TLS protocol in all major web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Yandex.Browser. Application, published on the mobile html5-catalog Direct Games is required to work properly on iOS 10.3 or higher and Android 5.1 or higher.
4. Integration, social mechanics
4.1 The application must contain functionalities for user interaction;
4.2 The application can only increase the user’s level, give points and consider missions completed only for the user’s active actions (clearing game stages, creating an element in the game, etc.) and not for received bonuses, gifts or actions of the user’s friends.
5. Confidentiality, feedback
5.1 All applications published on and the mobile html5-catalog should have a privacy policy. If it doesn’t exist, the standard VK privacy policy will be used instead.
5.2 The application’s developer is required to provide support and an easy way for users to leave feedback and any questions that arise while using the application in the application community, on the developer’s website or in the “Help” section.
6. Advertising applications
6.1 Moderation of advertising applications is different and requires the developer to sign a contract.