Developers » API methods » Friends » friends.getSuggestions
Returns a list of profiles of users whom the current user may know.
This method can be called with a user token received in Standalone-app via Implicit Flow. Access rights required: friends.
filterTypes of potential friends to return:
  • mutual Ś users with many mutual friends.

By default: all potential friends will be returned.
list of comma-separated words
countNumber of suggestions to return.
positive number, maximum value 500, default 500
offsetOffset needed to return a specific subset of suggestions.
positive number
fieldsProfile fields to return. Sample values: nickname, screen_name, sex, bdate, city, country, timezone, photo_50, photo_100, photo_200_orig, has_mobile, contacts, education, online, counters, relation, last_seen, status, can_write_private_message, can_see_all_posts, can_post, universities.
list of comma-separated words
name_caseCase for declension of user name and surname:
  • nom Ś nominative (by default);
  • gen Ś genitive;
  • dat Ś dative;
  • acc Ś accusative;
  • ins Ś instrumental;
  • abl Ś prepositional.
Returns the total results number in count field and an array of objects describing users in items field with additional field found_with for friends found through contacts import (can be empty).
Global errors can occur while running. See their descriptions on this page.
Version historyShow all
Field cid changed to id in newsfeed.getComments.
new format for video object in notifications.get method.
friends.getLists list object now, list_id instead id.
board.getTopics ľápolls in new format now.
audio.getAlbums and video.getAlbums ľ id instead album_id.
audio.getRecommendations, friends.getSuggestions ľ list object now.
groups.getMembers ľ list object now.
places.getCheckins ľ user_id instead uid in checkins objects.