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Returns a list of user gifts.
This method can be called with a user token received in Standalone-app via Implicit Flow.
user_idUser ID.
positive number, current user id is used by default
countNumber of gifts to return.
positive number
offsetOffset needed to return a specific subset of gifts.
positive number
Returns the total results number in '''count'' field and an array of objects describing gift in items field.

Each object in items array contains the following fields:
  • id (integer) gift ID;
  • from_id (integer) ID of the user who sent the gift (or 0 if the gift is anonymous);
  • message (string) message text;
  • date (integer) date when the gift has been sent in unixtime;
  • gift (object) gift info. Contains the followting fields:
    • thumb_256 (string) URL of the gift image with 256x256px size;
    • thumb_96 (string) URL of the gift image with 96x96px size;
    • thumb_48 (string) URL of the gift image with 48x48px size;
  • privacy privacy settings (for current user only). Possible values:
    • 0 name and message are visible to all;
    • 1 name is visible to all and message is visible to owner only;
    • 2 name and message are visible to owner only.
Global errors can occur while running. See their descriptions on this page.
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gifts.get method may returns negative value in from_id field. notifications.get returns notifications about mentions in photo descriptions.
Affects methods gifts.get, notifications.get