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Returns a list of communities matching the search criteria.
This method can be called with a user token.
qSearch query string.
string, required parameter
typeCommunity type. Possible values: group, page, event.
country_idCountry ID.
positive number
city_idCity ID. If this parameter is transmitted, country_id is ignored.
positive number
future1 to return only upcoming events. Works with the type = event only.
flag, either 1 or 0
market1 to return communities with enabled market only.
flag, either 1 or 0
sortSort order. Possible values:
  • 0 default sorting (similar the full version of the site);
  • 1 by growth speed;
  • 2 by the "day attendance/members number" ratio;
  • 3 by the "Likes number/members number" ratio;
  • 4 by the "comments number/members number" ratio;
  • 5 by the "boards entries number/members number" ratio.
int (number)
offsetOffset needed to return a specific subset of results.
positive number
countNumber of communities to return.
Note that you can not receive more than first thousand of results, regardless of count and offset values.

positive number, default 20, maximum value 1000
Returns the total results number in count field and an array of objects describing communities in items field.

Global errors can occur while running. See their descriptions on this page.
Version historyShow all
can_message, ban_info, can_post, can_upload_doc, can_upload_video, can_see_all_posts, can_create_topic, is_favorite, is_hidden_from_feed fields in a community object are returned for the requests including access_token only.
Group fields start_date and finish_date became numbers (were strings).
If friend filter is enabled, field user_id is returned instead of uid.
Method fave.getLinks returns images with names photo_50 and photo_100 instead of image_src and image_middle.