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Returns a list of IDs of users who added the specified object to theiráLikes list.
This method can be called by a service token. Only public data is returned.
This method can be called with a user token.
typeObject type. Possible values:
  • post Ś post on user or community wall;
  • comment Ś comment on a wall post;
  • photo Ś photo;
  • video Ś video;
  • note Ś note;
  • market Ś product;
  • photo_comment Ś comment to the photo;
  • video_comment Ś comment to the video;
  • topic_comment Ś comment in the discussion;
  • market_comment Ś comment to the product;
  • sitepageጠpage of the site where the Like widget is installed.
string, required parameter
owner_idID of the user, community, or application that owns the object. Ifáthe typeáparameter is set asásitepage, the applicationáIDáis passed asáowner_id. Use negative value for a community id. If the type parameter is not set, the owner_id is assumed to be either the current user or the same application ID as ifáthe typeáparameter was set to sitepage.
int (number)
item_idObject ID. Ifátypeáis set asásitepage, item_id can includeáthe page_id parameter value used during initialization ofáthe Like widget.
int (number)
page_urlURL of the page whereáthe Like widget is installed. Used instead ofáthe item_id parameter.
filterFilters to apply:
  • likesጠreturns information about all users who liked the object (by default);
  • copiesጠreturns information only about users who told their friends about the object.
friends_onlySpecifies which users are returned. Possible values:
1ጠto return only the current user's friends;
0 Ś to return all users (by default).
int (number), default 0
extendedSpecifies whether extended information will be returned. Possible values:
1 Ś to return extended information about users and communities from the Likes list;
0 Ś to return no additional information (by default).
flag, either 1 or 0
offsetOffset needed to select a specific subset of users.
positive number
countNumber of user IDs to return (maximum 1000).
Default isá100 if friends_only is not specified; otherwise, the default is 10.

The maximum is 1000, if friends_only is not specified, otherwise 100.
positive number, maximum value 1000
skip_ownDo not return current user.
flag, either 1 or 0
Returns an object containing the following fields:
  • countጠThe total number of users who added the specified object to theiráLikes list.
  • usersጠList of IDs of users who added the specified object to theiráLikes list.

If type is set toásitepage, also returns a list of users who used theáLike widget on an external site. The page URL is set witháeither the page_urláorápage_id parameter.

If extended is set to 1 returns an array items containing additional information about users or communities.
232Reaction can not be applied to the object
Global errors can occur while running. See their descriptions on this page.
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