Developers » API methods » Messages » messages.getChatUsers
Returns a list of IDs of users participating in a chat.
This method is deprecated and may be disabled soon, please avoid using it.
This method can be called with a user token received in Standalone-app via Implicit Flow. Access rights required: messages.
chat_idChat ID.
positive number, maximum value 100000000
chat_idsChat IDs.
list of comma-separated positive numbers
fieldsProfile fields to return.
Click here for the full list of supported parameters.
list of comma-separated words
name_caseCase for declension of user name and surname:
nom nominative (default)
gen genitive
dat dative
acc accusative
ins instrumental
abl prepositional
Returns a list of IDs of chat participants.

If fields is set, the user fields contains a list of user objects with an additional invited_by field containing the ID of the user who invited the current user to chat.
946Chat not supported
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