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Returns detailed information about a poll by its ID.
This method can be called with a user token. Access rights required: wall.
owner_idID of the user or community that owns the poll. Use a negative value to designate a community ID.COMMENT: (1 of 1) MIKHAIL: I added the second sentence about negative value, since it appears in this field description on similar pages. Is this OK?
int (number), current user id is used by default
is_board1 poll is in a board, 0 poll is on a wall.
0 by default.
flag, either 1 or 0
poll_idPoll ID.
positive number, required parameter
extended1 to return additional fields for users.
flag, either 1 or 0
friends_countNumber of voted friends IDs to return.
positive number, default 3, maximum value 100
fieldsProfile fields to return. Sample values: nickname, screen_name, sex, bdate (birthdate), city, country, timezone, photo, photo_medium, photo_big, has_mobile, contacts, education, online, counters, relation, last_seen, activity, can_write_private_message, can_see_all_posts, can_post, universities
Click here for the full list of supported parameters.
list of comma-separated words
name_caseCase for declension of user name and surname:
nom nominative (default)
gen genitive
dat dative
acc accusative
ins instrumental
abl prepositional
default nom
Returns an object that contains the following fields:
  • owner_id Poll owner ID.
  • poll_id Poll ID.
  • created Date (in Unix time) the poll was created.
  • question Text of the question.
  • votes Total users who voted.
  • answer_id ID of the current user's answer; if the user has not yet participated in the poll, then 0.
  • answers Array with objects containing answer choices for the poll question:
    • id Answer ID.
    • text Text of the answer.
    • votes Number of users who voted for this answer.
    • rate Rating of this answer as a percentage.
250Access to poll denied
Global errors can occur while running. See their descriptions on this page.
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App object has new values in type field:
  • app social app;
  • game game;
  • site third-party website;
  • standalone standalone app;
  • vk_app VK App
  • community_app community application;
  • html5_game HTML5 game.
is_html5_app field will not be returned.

messages.getConversationMembers method can return new 917 error.

Polls API changes:
Marks anonymous polls with anonymous field, without changing public polls title.
Affects methods polls.getById