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Sends SMS notification to a user's mobile device.
When SMS is sent to the user, 0.2 votes are charged off from the application balance.
 SMS will be 100% delivered to all countries of the world with the guarantee of 100%.

This method can be called with a service token.
user_idID of the user to whom SMS notification is sent. The user shall allow the application to send him/her notifications (account.getAppPermissions, +1).
positive number, required parameter
messageSMS text to be sent in UTF-8 encoding. Only Latin letters and numbers are allowed. Maximum size is 160 characters.
string, required parameter
Returns 1 if SMS was sent successfully.

If the system does not know the number of the user yet, this method will throw error 146 (The mobile number of the user is unknown). To solve this problem, users.get method returns has_mobile field which allow to define whether the number of the user is known or unknown.

If the number of the user is unknown and you would like to have a possibility to send him/her SMS notifications, you should ask this user to enter his/her mobile number without distracting him/her from the application.

146The mobile number of the user is unknown
147Application has insufficient funds
Global errors can occur while running. See their descriptions on this page.