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Streaming API
You can find more information about using Streaming API in the technical documentation.

Streaming API is a tool for receiving public data from VK by specified keywords.

Unlike regular API methods one doesn't need to repeat requests for receiving updates. We will send new suitable content on our own as soon as it appears.
What is it for?
Streaming API is suitable for all those who study data from social media. This can be scientific statistical research, brand perception analysis, checking the effectiveness of marketing strategies, and much more. The main thing that lies at the basis is the selection of public content with certain words (for example, the name of the trademark).

The new tool allows to receive data you need and them only, without making plenty of requests.
How does it work?
You set keywords that you need to receive mentions of. Then it creates the connection to our server which will send you content with this keywords in special format.

We provide 1% of all public data in the Streaming API basic version. Usually, it is enough for making scientific or non-commercial research.

If you need access to the extended Streaming API version that includes 100% of public data, contact our support service and specify you application ID.

Go to the technical documentation.