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Returns a list of posts on a user wall or community wall.
This method can be called by a service token. Only public data is returned.
This method can be called with a user token.
owner_idID of the user or community that owns the wall. By default, current user ID. Use a negative value to designate a community ID.
int (number)
domainUser or community short address.
offsetOffset needed to return a specific subset of posts.
positive number
countNumber of posts to return (maximum 100).
positive number
filterFilter to apply:
owner posts by the wall owner
others posts by someone else
all posts by the wall owner and others (default)
postponed timed posts (only available for calls with an access_token)
suggests suggested posts on a community wall
extended1 to return wall, profiles, and groups fields
0 to return no additional fields (default)
flag, either 1 or 0
fieldsList of additional fields for users and communities.
list of comma-separated words
Returns a list of post objects.

If extended is set to 1, also returns the following:
  • wall Contains a list of post objects.
  • profiles Contains user objects with additional fields photo and online.
  • groups Contains community objects.

18User was deleted or banned
19Content blocked
30This profile is private
Global errors can occur while running. See their descriptions on this page.
Version historyShow all
messages.getChatPreview method returns maximum of 5 chat members. messages.getConversationMembers returns can_kick (boolean) field for conversation members.

New can_close (boolean) and can_open (boolean) fields can be returned in wall post object for comments.
account.getInfo method returns an additional 2fa_required field for accounts with 2FA. Restriction for the feed parameter has been added in photos.get method.

button field has a new structure for attachments with link type.
can_message, ban_info, can_post, can_upload_doc, can_upload_video, can_see_all_posts, can_create_topic, is_favorite, is_hidden_from_feed fields in a community object are returned for the requests including access_token only.
Returns new objects with market and market_album type in message and wall attachments.
notifications.get method returns notifications about new market comment replies. newsfeed.getComments method returns new comments for market items. wall.get,, wall.getById methods return market_album in attachments.
Support fields parameter for user profiles
Returns new fields for attachments with link type: caption, is_external, product, application, rating and button.
Returns photo object for attachments with link type instead image_src image_big fields.
Wiki page in post is returned as page object.
A new need_source parameter was added for method pages.get, source field isnt returned by default now.
Group fields start_date and finish_date became numbers (were strings).
If friend filter is enabled, field user_id is returned instead of uid.
Method fave.getLinks returns images with names photo_50 and photo_100 instead of image_src and image_middle.
New format of posts:
to_id instead of owner_id
reply_post_id instead of reply_to in copy_history field
Field post_type returns post instead of copy for reposts.
In all methods that return people objects, photo, photo_medium_rec fields were renamed to photo_50, photo_100.
In wall attachment from and copy_owner fields return as user or community object, not array.
Fix photos_list attachment. (photo_list before). Some other fixes that was not implemented in api 5.0
Global api update, affecting all methods. view changelist
Affects methods wall.get
Photos_list attach new format.
New reposting format. Can contain nested reposts.
Affects methods wall.get, wall.getById
No album link in post text when album is attached.
online and reply_count fields were removed
Affects methods wall.get