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Reposts (copies) an object to a user wall or community wall.
This method can be called with a user token received in Standalone-app via Implicit Flow. Access rights required: wall.
objectID of the object to be reposted on the wall. Example:

string, required parameter
messageComment to be added along with the reposted object.
group_idTarget community ID when reposting to a community.
positive number
flag, either 1 or 0, default
flag, either 1 or 0
Returns an object containing the following fields:
  • post_id ID of the created post.
  • reposts_count Total number of reposts for the object, including the current repost.
  • likes_count Number of likes for the post.
214Access to adding post denied
219Advertisement post was recently added
224Too many ads posts
Global errors can occur while running. See their descriptions on this page.
Version historyShow all
New chat_invite_user_by_link value has been supported in the action field of the message object.

update_time field has been added in the message object., wall.editAdsStealth, wall.edit, wall.repost methods can return a new error 224 too many ads posts.

New event message_edit has been added in Callback API.