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Starting Work Web
Use the capabilities the the VK API for your site. This helps lure new users and increase the involvement of current ones.

Client and server authorization, widgets and, of course, the entire library of our API methods are at your service.
  • Learning API if you have never before worked with the VK API, we recommend that you learn more about the principles of its usage before commencing work.
  • Java SDK SDK for easy work with the API using Java.
  • Open API the Javascript library.
  • Getting a Token full information about receiving the access token.
  • Widgets the collection of VK widgets for external sites.
VK Authorization
It is recommended that users use their VK accounts instead of filling out registration forms for greater speed and simplicity. You can use Widget authorization, Open API, Java SDK or classic OAuth-authorization on your site.

Content publication
Give a second life to your content. To spread materials within the VK network, use widget likes, widget Share and the method from the Open API.

To make published materials on VK appealing, we recommend reading this manual.

API Methods
You can work with the social graph, media content and other VK data categories which can be accessed with the help of our API methods. Depending on your work requirements, use Open API, Java SDK or direct ways for calling methods.
Java SDK
Use SDK for work with VK data from our servers for projects written in Java.

SDK simplifies work with OAuth-authorizations and VK API methods. You will be able to spend more time working on your projects internal logic, thereby economizing it for API implementation.

Open API
Use the Open API for work with VK from the clients side. This Javascript library allows you to add authorization via VK to your site, communicating with some API methods for example, posting materials with user verification.

Widgets is a compact functional block which can help add desired VK capabilities to your site. For example, user authorization, article commentary, community description and many more.