How do I enable RSS import in my community?

RSS is a way to import content from your website to your VK community.

To set this up, go to the community's Manage section on the desktop version and enable RSS import in the Additional information section. Paste the link to the RSS file from your website.

RSS import

You can add three kinds of posts:

1. Link to your source
This is the default option. The post will display part of the text and a link to the source in a snippet.
Link to source

2. VK article and link
If you select Publish as an article, posts will be added as VK articles. The title, text, images and captions for it are imported. The post will display part of the text, the article with a cover and a link to the source without a snippet.
VK article and link

3. VK article only
To include in the post only part of the text and the article with a cover, simply check Do not display link in the post.
VK article only

Important! For the import to work, the community owner's profile must be active (not deleted or blocked).
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