What is VK Donut?

VK Donut is a tool that lets you monetize your content. Community managers can use it to offer users a monthly paid subscription to exclusive work, early access to new content and the ability to participate in closed competitions, special offers and events.

You can enable VK Donut for your community on the desktop version of the website. Go to the community's Manage section and open the VK Donut tab → Enabled. Specify the minimum subscription cost per month and describe what it includes, keeping in mind the Terms (Russian only). After doing this, a block with the Donate button will appear in your community. For the payment method, you can select either payment card or VK Pay. If a user already has a verified VK Pay account with sufficient funds, their account will be charged automatically.

After subscribing, donors (users with a paid subscription) will receive messages from the VK Donut community about exclusive content available to them.

Read more about VK Donut in our articles for communities and for donors (Russsian only).
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