Blocked by decision of a court or Roskomnadzor

VK operates under Russian jurisdiction, and we do not have the right to ignore official court or Roskomnadzor orders.

If Roskomnadzor considers certain content to be prohibited, information about the community that posted it goes into a special register and we receive an order to block the community. We must comply with the order within the time established by law.

These communities are blocked permanently. The only way out of the situation is to make an appeal to Roskomnadzor to find a compromise. However, we cannot act as an intermediary in communication with government agencies.

You can contact Roskomnadzor representatives by email:

The email must include the community’s numeric id and short name.

After a community has been blocked, its content becomes inaccessible to users, and, accordingly, the community itself is excluded from the aforementioned register. However, this doesn’t mean that the community can be unblocked and doesn’t negate the fact that it contains prohibited content.

The community can only be unblocked if Roskomnadzor contacts VK officially and withdraws the order. We have no legal right to consider any other documents, including the agency’s responses to your email.

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