Community blocked due to a copyright complaint

This community has been blocked on request of copyright holders.

1. Communities that sell the products of well-known brands without the copyright holder’s permission might be blocked for this reason.

Many products, services, company names or just words are registered as trademarks. These are not only world-famous brands like Nike or Casio but names like “Xerox” or “Whoosh”.

A trademark owner has the exclusive right to use it to sell their products or services. That’s why if we receive a trademark owner’s official complaint, we can’t ignore it.

Remember that selling under someone else’s brand without permission is always a risk, even if no one has noticed it yet.

We carefully check the documents provided by copyright holders, but anyone can make a mistake.

If you have permission to use a trademark, you can always contact its owner directly and correct the misunderstanding. After the claim has been withdrawn, your community will be unblocked.

All other cases can be reviewed by Support.

2. Community managers who pretend to be an organization’s official representative might also be blocked for this reason.

Users need information that’s relevant and true. Therefore, if the real organization’s representatives make an official complaint and provide the necessary documents, the fake “representative” can be blocked.
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