How do I create a community on VK?

To create a community, go to the Communities section in the menu on the left and click Create community.
Select the community type from one of six options. Each community type offers managers specific tools that assist in growing the community.

It’s better to decide on the community type beforehand: only owners of a group or public page can change it later. It’s not possible to convert an event to a public page or a group, or vice versa.

Community types

This community type is designed for businesses. It is an open public page on which you can specify the company’s address, operating hours, to set up buttons for making it easy to communicate with customers and much more. Best suited to stores, workshops, gyms, cafes, movie theaters, etc.
Thematic community
This is a public page that’s best suited to news and mass media, information about upcoming events, and entertainment. The focus is on news and users’ comments.
Brand or organization
This is a public page for communities that have a narrow topic. This type is suitable for advertising a specific product, movie or book, posting information about an educational institution, presenting a project or representing a charity.
An address and operating hours can also be specified in this type of community.
Interest group
This is a community for a certain group of people. It’s an ideal place for classmates or users who share an interest. If you plan for participants to chat a lot on community topics, post photo, audio and video content, we recommend creating this type of group. Interest groups can be closed or private, so they are suitable for secret societies. Anyone can request to join a closed group. A private group can only be joined by invitation from its managers.
It’s also possible to use a link to invite someone to a private group. This works like invite links for group chats. You can read more here (for now only available in Russian).
Public page
Best used for informing followers about news on behalf of its managers. This type of community has the fewest options for communication between users, but many options for attracting new followers. Suitable for news and online media, people involved in creative or other activities, and for creating an official VK page for a business or company.
Perfect for inviting people to events: concerts, trips, birthdays and parties. Events are very similar to groups but are linked to a specific date. All members will get a reminder about the event the day before it is to occur. An event can be open (like an open group) or closed (like a private group).

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