How can I change a community or profile URL?

To change the community URL, go to ManagňCommunity URL. You can change the profile URL similarly in Settings.

The short name must be between 5 and 32 characters.

When choosing a short name, you may see Invalid format. This shows up if the short name:
  • begins with three or more numbers (one or two numbers are allowed).
  • begins and ends with "_".
  • contains a period with less than four symbols after it starting with a letter.

The short name canĺt contain a number of reserved words (admin, photo, event, etc.) or completely match a personal name (alexander, nikolay, etc.).

If you see the Short name already taken error, this means that the short name is already being used by someone.

In some cases, we can help you get a short name that is already taken or that contains reserved words. If itĺs the one you really need, please contact Support.
I want a short name thatĺs taken
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