Community chats

A community's creator and administrators can create up to 20 chats right in the community. This is possible if the community has fewer than 500,000 members.

Community chats can be hidden through the relevant community management section on the desktop version of the website. You still can add new members to hidden chats via links.

Only a member can join a private or closed community’s chat, but all users can join chats in open communities. Each chat can have a maximum of 3,000 people. New chat participants will see the last 300 messages in the community chat.

The right to manage a chat depends on the user’s rights in the community. This means that when a community manager joins a chat, the system automatically appoints them as the chat’s administrator. The opposite is also true. If a community manager is dismissed, they will also be dismissed as the chat’s administrator.

A chat’s participants can only invite people to the chat if the community is open and its administrators allow that. Community members can’t change the chat’s main photo, its name pinned message.
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