VK Talents grants

We’re expanding the program for supporting talented creators by opening the vk.com/talents portal. Each month we will award VK grants to interesting projects.

These include:

— 50,000 rubles to the project’s account in the Goals app (for publishing books, preparing exhibitions, and more)
— 100,000 rubles to the creator’s advertising account and individual assistance from a targeting expert, so that the money is spent effectively
— invitation to a closed club of talented authors
— help in a special chat.

Communities that are at least 6 months old can apply for a grant. The number of followers, and whether or not the community has the “flame” of Prometheus isn’t important. The content must comply with VK Terms of Service.

You can apply to participate in the competition on the vk.com/talents landing page. In the application, the community manager must provide the community’s URL and information about its work, with links to the best examples of that content. A link to the community’s project posted on the Goals app is also required.

You can find out more about the project here:
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