Community menu

To set up the menu, go to Manage and select Menu. This is where community managers can add, change or delete menu elements. The Edit button in the community menu lets you do the same.

Administrators can add up to seven links to the menu (links to articles, posts, mini apps, photos and more). Links must lead to VK content, but not to wiki pages. Community apps, including the community's VK store, can also be added to the menu.

Each menu item can have its own cover and name. The minimum image size is 376x256px. The maximum name size is 20 characters, but this still might get cut off.

If an element (for example, an app) was added to the community from another section (Apps), deleting it from the menu only deletes the corresponding button. To delete the element itself, you need to do this in the section from which it was added.

Menu buttons are shown in a carousel. Links to posts, products, photos, videos, playlists, apps, albums, music albums, podcasts and narratives will open on the same page. Everything else will open in a new window.

The menu is displayed on the mobile apps and on the desktop version of the website, but it can only be edited on the desktop version.

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