Activity log

Activity log is a separate section in community settings where administratorsĺ internal activities are logged.

What does it have?

  • There are filters for date, activity type, and specific managers. You can see what any administrator did, including those whose role has been revoked.
  • You donĺt have to open a new tab to see posts, photos, or videos that are mentioned in the log. Everything is visible in the interface.
  • Activities of one type that were performed by the same person in a 3-hour period are grouped in one cell. If you click on a cell, it opens and all activities are shown. To switch between basic and detailed views, click on the three lines icon in the upper right corner of the section.
  • If the content was deleted and then restored, the record of deletion will disappear from the activity log.
  • The activity log is available in community settings in the desktop version.

What does it show?

  • Managers: assigned, revoked, changed roles.
  • Members: added someone to a blacklist, deleted someone from a blacklist, approved and rejected applications to join, removed someone from the community.
  • Wall: deleted regular and scheduled posts and comments.
  • Content: added video and discussion topics, deleted photos, videos, and discussion topics.
  • Information: changed or deleted the short address, changed the communityĺs name and category.
  • Settings: enabled and disabled age restrictions and comments filter.
  • Blocks: information about the community's blocks.

You can restore comments, posts, photos and videos. To do so, go to the Activity log and use Cancel activity near the activity you want reversed.

Important! Content can be restored up to two weeks after it has been deleted. After that, it cannot be restored by community managers.
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