What do I do if all the members of my community disappeared?

There are several possible reasons why this might have happened.

1. Temporary technical issue

If this is the case, all members, without exception, will vanish from the list. Such failures are usually fixed by our developers within a few hours. If 24 hours have passed and the issue hasnĺt been resolved, itĺs likely that the problem is not on our side.

2. Untrustworthy manager

Unfortunately, assistants are not always reliable. Sometimes, someone can work their way into a managerial position for the sole purpose of harming your community. This, however, is fixable. You can contact us, and we will try to return the members to your community.

3. Getting rid of bots

If youĺre sure none of your colleagues removed the members from the community (all managers are reliable people who you have known for a long time, and their accounts and devices are properly secure), that means a planned cleaning of your community took place. This cleaning goes after bots (such as those used to boost member numbers) as well as blocked or inactive pages. Therefore, the cleaning doesnĺt affect any of the active followers that form the backbone of your audience.
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