How do I join VK Podcasts?

How do I send a request to have podcasts enabled?

Please write to the bot here: A request will be sent when you finish answering all of the questions. You should specify which community you want to enable this functionality in.

I donĺt have an audio blog, but I want to use the VK podcast platform. What do I do?

Only podcast authors who have previously published content can access the platform. However, you can offer your creations even if you donĺt have such publications. To do so, record two or three podcast episodes and send them to the bot with the request. You can attach them as an audio file or as a link to another website.

What requirements are there for platform content?

There arenĺt many:

  • Content should belong to you, posting episodes belonging to other people is not allowed.

  • Content should be high-quality and fit the theme of the community, which means that podcasts about cars should only be published in communities about cars.

  • Podcasts are in the same category as talk shows, so they are not suitable for publishing poetry or music.

  • Recommended length of one episode: at least 10 min.

  • Publications should adhere to the VK rules and the laws of the Russian Federation.

How can I find out why I was rejected?

At the moment, this functionality is undergoing closed testing. Unfortunately, sometimes we have no choice but to reject a request. We donĺt have the ability to explain our decision for every single rejection.

If my request to access the platform was rejected, can I send another one?

Of course. You have the right to send another request with a different episode, and the moderators might approve it. Alternatively, you can wait for the functionality to become available to everyone. Unfortunately, we cannot name exact dates when this would happen. However, we are working hard to make sure it happens in the near future.
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